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My Name is Kevin T. Strawder Sr., President and CEO of GMAP Business and Broadcast Network. A few years back my wife Tanika Strawder, Vice President and CFO & I were blessed with a vision, to bring Christians together no matter what congregation they belong to or what denomination they are. We didn’t know how we were going to achieve this but, through much Prayer and Faith GMAP Business & Broadcast Network was formed.
Born & Raised in the city of Waukegan, IL. I attended Broadcast Training at Columbia School of Broadcasting, in Chicago, Illinois and graduated in March of 1987. I was ordained & elevated to the position of Elder Kevin Strawder on Aug. 28, 2011.
On May 5, 2013 I was officially Elevated To Pastor Kevin T. Strawder, Thus Beginning our quest to begin our Church Ministry: Pure Faith Outreach Ministries, NDOC {Non Denominational Online Church}
I am also known for my Radio/TV Broadcasting and Personality Abilities, currently Hosting The GMAP Morning Show on the GMAP Television Broadcast Network weekdays 9am-12pm cst. We are a “Live” Streaming Gospel Television Broadcast Network Global Media Ministry that provides quality Faith Based programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year.
We have put together a committed Executive Staff that will work to achieve our mission and goals as a company and Media Ministry. We are committed to bring you state of the art technology with creative and innovative programming; while building a network of partners that will help us in continuing to build God’s Kingdom.
 She continues to be actively involved in outreach
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