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Brenda Divers

Brenda Divers is a devoted wife and loving mother of two beautiful children and five grandchildren. She has been serving in our Lord’s vineyard for over 35 years. She along with her husband were ordained into pastoral ministry in  2010 and are now serving in Pastoral leadership of a new Church Plant, The Sanctuary Fellowship Worship Center and Beacon House Ministries in Philadelphia, Pa. As the consummate industrialist, she currently sits as President and Co-Founder of a non-profit business packaging and development company (Kadivers Inc.) which she proudly shares with her husband. Brenda is also a member of her family’s small business unit which produces children’s music and books along with conducting workshops, staff development, and conflict resolution techniques.

Most recently, she has founded the “The Doors To Your Heart Ministry” (#thedoorstoyourheart) which serves as a resource and development ministry base for women. This ministry supports a healing environment and partnerships/teaching tools for healthy spiritual, emotional and physical living.

As a retired corporate trainer, the Lord has used her gifts to teach his people to live a Godly life. She and her husband conduct workshops for pre and post marital training, conflict resolution and number of requested topics.

Brenda is dedicated to sharing her faith. Her following mantra is apropos in determining just how far she plans to go in completing our Lord’s business. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 34:8”Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him”. It is because of his goodness that she is here today. With a made up mind, she intends to move forward in whatever God calls her to do. If it is drudging through the jungles of Africa, then so be it; if it is traveling to the coast of India, then to God be the glory. For this she knows, and in this she is most confident, wherever God says go-she will go, if teach-she will teach, if preach-she will preach.

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